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How to Reach Your Potential: An Interview with Elio Marrocco

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Pastor Elio Marrocco (Senior Pastor at New Life Christian Church) is taking part in the "How to Reach Your Potential" initiative, an interview series featuring leaders whose insights can help you reach your potential.

Pastor Elio Marrocco, Senior Pastor at New Life Christian Church

Abour Elio Marrocco

Pastor Elio Marrocco has been the Senior Pastor at New Life Christian Church since 2005, after having served 3 years as Pastor at a church in Montreal and 21 years as Pastor and church movement leader in Australia, Italy and Northern Europe. New Life Christian Church had its beginning in 1915, and it now ministers to over eight hundred people each Sunday in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

The Italian version of some of the books Pastor Marrocco has written can be found on
You can connect with Pastor Elio Marrocco on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Church service at New Life Christian Church, located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

The interview was audio recorded in Pastor Elio Marrocco's office at New Life Christian Church in Vaughan, Ontario on December 21, 2017. That was some time ago, but his insights are just as applicable today.

Enjoy the interview:

Pastor Elio Marrocco speaking at New Life Christian Church

Did you find one or more of Pastor Elio Marrocco’s thoughts helpful? Are there any ideas or resources that came to mind as you listened to the interview?

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