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4. How to Sidestep Ageism in Your Job Search Process

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How to sidestep ageism in your job search process

As you work to secure a suitable job and then climb the career ladder, you may face a recruiter, a human resources professional, or a hiring manager who treats you differently than they should simply based on your age.

Alex Rascanu reflects on six ways to sidestep age discrimination during your job search process: (1) keep your skills current; (2) showcase on your resume the last 10 to 15 years of work experience only; (3) be ready to answer indirect questions about your age during the interview in case they come up; (4) be flexible with the level of seniority you're expecting especially if you're being offered a role with an employer that you'd like to work for over a long period of time; (5) stay positive and be persistent in submitting job applications; and (6) reach out to your network for introductions to employers you're applying to work for.
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- What I'm Grateful For At Age 35 blog post at
Ageism in the Workplace study published by the American Society on Aging

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