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How to Reach Your Potential: 
An Interview with Trina Boos

· Reach Your Potential

"How to Reach Your Potential" is an interview series featuring leaders who inspire Alex Rascanu and whose insights can help you reach your potential.

Trina Boos, at the Boost Agents office

Meet Trina
Trina Boos is regarded as one of the best connected figures in the Canadian marketing, digital, creative and advertising industry and is the President and Founder of Boost Agents, a recruitment agency in downtown Toronto. Since 2011, Trina and her team have matched hundreds of talented, world-class candidates in the marketing, advertising, creative, and digital industries with some of the most leading-edge, innovative organizations across North America. Trina’s 10 years of experience in business development, marketing, digital strategy, account management, and customer experience roles helped lay the foundation for the success of Boost Agents.

Trina speaks regularly at advertising, digital marketing, and HR industry conferences, colleges and universities, and has been featured in the Toronto Star, Financial Post, Women of Influence and RBC’s “Life & Money” series. She is also the founder of Ad Lounge, sits on advisory boards for the Roger’s Small Business Advisory and, and coaches technology entrepreneurs at Ryerson’s DMZ.

Trina Boost at AdLounge/ Next Gen/ Boost Agents event

Alex: What is your life’s purpose?

Trina: To bring people together. It’s what gives me energy, and absolutely brings purpose to my life.

Alex: What are the three things you’re most passionate about?
Trina: Outside of connecting people? :)
1 – Entrepreneurship, and the constant learning that comes along with it
2 – Motherhood and raising kids while growing a thriving business (and finding other mothers who I can connect with that are going down a similar path).
3 – Creativity in its many forms. I love art, and moved to Toronto to study fine art as a painter – a path I didn’t end up following. I adore music, and used to play classical guitar and sing quite regularly. My creative outlet now is in the form of events, which is something that I’ve figured out how to use to benefit my business.

Alex: How do you stay healthy? What’s your main health-related goal?

Trina: With three kids (1, 3 and 7), and being an owner of a very demanding business this is the one thing I’m forever challenged with - finding “me” time. I have goals I’m working towards, and they’re small to begin with. I’ve reduced sugar intake, I’m conscious to eat a balanced meal, and when I eat out I seek out the healthy option on the menu. I stretch regularly (because my physiotherapist demands that I do), and I find time daily for a brief walk. I want to start back my spin classes again, so that’s also on the list in the coming months.

Alex: How do you build wealth? What’s your main financial goal? 
Trina: We’ve focused on simplifying our lives, and not buying a lot of crap unnecessarily so as to focus on our long term goals. We live on the same street as the kid’s school and daycare, and two minutes walk from my office so we’re not spending on unnecessary commuting. We’re quickly paying down our mortgage while also investing smartly. I’ve taken the risky (but very rewarding) entrepreneurial path. In the coming years, we’ll be focusing a little on real estate. Our main goal is to be able to have a comfortable retirement that allows much room for global travel while being able to fund our children’s education.

Alex: How do you balance work and family life?
Trina: Living two minutes from the office, and having the kid’s school across the road really helps. I’ve hired a nanny / housekeeper to help us with everything in the home, and it’s exceptional to have that kind of support. As an entrepreneur, I’m too occupied mentally and physically to be able to come home and have to focus on three kids, thoughts from the day I just had, cooking, cleaning AND laundry. Each weekday, I can simply focus on the kids (while coming home to a nice home-cooked dinner and clean home).

Alex: How do you enjoy spending time with family and friends?
Trina: We live in a condo, which means the entire city is our backyard (because, well… we don`t have one). Whether we’re at an arts festival, at the park having a picnic outdoors, cottaging, vacationing at a local farm, or camping we really like to spend as much time with the family outdoors as possible. I’m born in the Caribbean – it’s in our blood to be outside socializing with family and friends any moment you can get.

Alex: What has been the most fulfilling role you’ve ever had, or the most fulfilling project you’ve been involved with so far?
Trina: I used to work in marketing with a not-for-profit called Street Kids International, which began my interest in working with young people in need. I then found a charity in Toronto called SKETCH, which called out to me due to my love for art and desire to work with street-involved youth. I launched a project with them called “Art from the Unexpected”, where I worked with 20 CEO’s to create art and pitch their concept to 300 of their peers in a silent auction event. We raised $30K each year we did it (two years), which helped SKETCH buy much of the equipment they needed to continue their awesome art programming for their youth. Such a satisfying project, and I was proud to create this with them as the beneficiary.

Trina Boos, candid shot

Alex: What’s one career planning lesson that has made a significant difference in your life?
Trina: Don’t chase the money. Chase the opportunity to learn, and to be part of a team that you feel are going places. The money will come. Making decisions based on money alone oftentimes doesn’t end in happiness. I’ve seen it time and time again.

Alex: What would you like your legacy to be?
Trina: A creative business leader and community builder who sees potential and opportunity at every turn.
A mentor who has made a positive impact on people`s lives.
A loving wife and mother who showed family that almost anything is possible with confidence and determination.

Alex: Thank you for taking part in this interview! Your candor and insights are much appreciated!

Did you find one or more of Trina's insights helpful? Are there any ideas or resources that came to mind as you read the interview? Know someone we should interview?
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