• The Rascanu Family Archive


    The purpose of the Rascanu Family Archive is to collect, preserve and promote the archives of the Rascanu family.


    The Rascanu Family Archive collection is currently being developed.



    • The Rascanu name and arms
      Highlight the origin of the family name and the Rascanu family coat of arms. 
    • The Rascanu Genealogy
      Develop and maintain the family tree of the male lines of the Rascanu family from the early 1900's to date. Also develop and keep records of the female lines.
    • Rascanu Biographies
      Develop short biographies of members of the Rascanu family.
    • Rascanu Bibliography
      A comprehensive list of books, articles and other published works by members of the Rascanu family.


    If you would like to contribute an insight, a photo or some other resource to the Rascanu Family Archive, please contact us.

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