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    Past speaking engagements include:

    Invite Alex Rascanu to speak on career growth

    Alex delivers engaging presentations about career growth, with a special emphasis on delivering significant value to one's employer and society at large. As both a professional speaker and someone who has organized over 100 events and conferences, I understand how much effort it takes to find the right speaker and the impact that decision has on an event. Thank you for considering me for your event, I really appreciate it.


    Professional Speaking
    Alex is a thought provoking and engaging speaker. His style balances experience and research-based insights regarding career planning, career mobility, leadership development, stakeholder engagement and performance enhancement with a passionate delivery that keeps audiences engaged and pushes them to action.


    Internal Workshop and Training

    Interested in a career growth speaker for your internal workshop or training? I can share my experience and insights with your organization in a customized, interactive learning environment.


    Popular Topics include:

    • Career Advancement: Identify, Prepare For, and Enjoy Your Dream Job

    • Leadership: Develop Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization

    • Fail Forward: How to Turn Mistakes into Steps to Career Success


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